INTRUDERS broke children's toys and vandalised property at a Kidderminster primary school.

Vandals wreaked havoc after forcing entry to the grounds at Franche Community Primary School on Monday night (July 20).

Photographs of graffiti left on chalk boards, which had just been painted ready for the arrival of reception students, were posted by the school on social media.

Profanities had been blurred out, but the words "wash your hands you dirty pig" could be seen alongside a drawing of a pig.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Intruders broke into the school grounds on Monday nightIntruders broke into the school grounds on Monday night

The intruders also left outdoor taps running, causing further financial loss for the school.

CCTV footage from around the time of the break-in has been handed over to police.

School staff posted on social media: "It is with sadness that I have to report that on Monday night we had intruders on site.

"The intruders caused criminal damage to school property, broke children's toys and left outside taps running, which will cause financial loss to the school.

"They have also drawn graffiti on the outdoor chalk board in eeception, which the teachers had only just painted ready for our new reception intake.

"This has all been reported to the police who are reviewing footage from a camera.

"They have recommended that we post this on Facebook as a plea for information.

"They have also asked that we include images of the graffiti, including the names shown, in case this helps anyone to identify the intruders.

"Profanities and inappropriate elements have been removed.

"Should you have any information regarding this please call 101 or the school."

"Please share this post to help us to protect our well-loved school."