A WARNING has been issued to dog owners after a spaniel was poisoned from eating cannabis it found in a local park.

Cocker spaniel cross Toby needed critical care at a specialist vets after he became unable to walk following a walk in Areley Kings Village Hall park with owner Emma Long on Monday.

Emma, who lives in Stourport, said: "We often meet up with a little group of dog walkers to let the dogs off in the park and it has never been a problem, but within hours of getting back on Monday, I noticed Toby was making lots of funny movements and he seemed a bit glazed, which is not like him at all.

"I put him on the floor and he couldn't walk. He didn't have any functions at all so I knew something was wrong."

Emma took six-year-old Toby to Vets4Pets in Kidderminster, where he was put on a drip, but sadly his condition continued to deteriorate.

"The vets referred him to the Willows Specialist Centre in Solihull where he was put in ICU overnight," said Emma. "Thankfully he started to respond and he was well enough to come home the next day.

"They told me he was suffering from cannabis poisoning. Someone must have left a stash in the park and Toby, being an inquisitive spaniel, must have eaten it.

"The whole experience was very frightening and emotionally draining.

"Luckily I got him to the vets as quickly as possible and everyone at Vets4Pets was amazing and referred him very quickly. I can't praise them enough. It could have been a lot worse.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Owner Emma Long with Toby after his ordealOwner Emma Long with Toby after his ordeal

"Hopefully this will let others know what the symptoms of this poisoning are - it was like Toby had had an anaesthetic. He was having involuntary urination, his legs had gone, he couldn't move and his eyes were glazed.

"It's very sad that someone would leave something like this for anyone to find. My fear is that next time it could be a child."

Vets4Pets has also issued a warning for dog owners walking at Areley Common.

A post from the vets on Facebook reads: "Toby came to see us on Monday after his owner became concerned about his behaviour following his morning walk around the park at Arley Kings Village Hall.

"He had become weak and reactive to noise. He was seen by our vet Olivia as an emergency and he was immediately admitted as we were concerned he had ingested a poison of some sort but it was impossible to tell what.

"Unfortunately despite supportive care, Toby's condition deteriorated throughout the day with his heart rate dropping and him becoming more collapsed and so the decision was made to refer him to Willows Specialist Centre for critical care management.

"He was supported throughout the night and thankfully made a full recovery but Willows diagnosed suspected marijuana ingestion.

"The only place he could have picked this up was at Arley Kings Village Hall park so please be careful when walking any dogs off their lead.

"If they become disorientated or over-react to loud noise, please ring your vet immediately as these are the early symptoms of marijuana ingestion.

"Olivia saw Toby back today for a check up and we're pleased to say he is showing no lasting effects and is back to his bouncy self. His owner very kindly bought in some gifts of thanks as well."