A SMALL animal rescue centre in Kidderminster needs to raise funds to insulate its enclosures ready for the cold winter months.

Greatfield Small Animal Rescue, which is based in the back garden of its founder, Lyndsey Hill, needs donations to help keep the 45 animals in its care warm as temperatures start to drop.

Lyndsey said: "We've got seven rabbits with us at the moment, as well as several rodents, birds, hedgehogs, hamsters and mice, and we really need to update our hutches to get them insulated ready for winter.

Kidderminster Shuttle: A hedgehog rescued by Greatfield last monthA hedgehog rescued by Greatfield last month

"At the moment, the rabbits are in runs but we'll need to get them somewhere warmer. We've got a rodent shed which also needs insulating.

"When winter comes, we'll also be spending a lot more money on bedding. Basically what we're trying to do is prepare - we just don't know what animals might come in during the winter so we need to be ready."

Lyndsey said the rescue centre has already seen a rise in the number of domestic animals coming into its care as more people return to work and school from the coronavirus lockdown.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Two rabbits taken into Greatfield Small Animal Rescue's careTwo rabbits taken into Greatfield Small Animal Rescue's care

"We’ve seen a - not massive but noticeable - rise in the number of people asking us to take in domestic animals," said Lyndsey. "I think a lot of people have bought pets while they've been at home during the lockdown and now they're going back to work and school or are starting to realise they haven't got the funds to look after them.

"I'm preparing myself for that to happen more as more people go back to work.

"We're only a very small team of volunteers but the more space we can make, the more animals we can take in."

Greatfield is aiming to raise £330 towards improvements to enclosures, but Lyndsey says more is needed to keep up with veterinary bills including vaccinations and neutering.

To donate, go to justgiving.com/crowdfunding/greatfield.