A WORCESTERSHIRE woman who claims she can talk to animals has appeared on popular TV show This Morning.

This Morning’s guest Beth Lee-Crowther, who is perhaps the next Doctor Dolittle, was interviewed by Holly Willoughby and Phillip Schofield earlier today (September 15) as she spoke about her "psychic abilities".

Beth claims she can telepathically communicate with animals, who she believes are all psychic, and said they often have messages for their owners.

Viewers saw her appear to communicate with Holly's cat, Bluebell, who she described as "beautiful but feisty" - via her mind.

Beth told Holly that Bluebell is in love with a cat who regularly comes into their garden.

The pet whisperer then told the host that her cat wanted her to know "significant life changes" would happen to her on November 24 and 25, leaving Holly rather startled and saying to her co-host Phillip, "I've written that down!”

Beth, who is from Malvern, said on TV that she had always been able to communicate with animals from a young age.

She said it wasn't until she was older when she realised others weren't experiencing "hearing voices" or "emotions" from animals.

She added: "I thought that was normal. I also thought anyone who owned a pet were having the same experiences."

Beth has even used her abilities to matchmake, as she met with horse owner Caroline McKain, from Worcester, who was looking for love.

The horse, called Fred, reportedly asked Beth to tell Caroline that a new person would soon come into her life.

Not only that, but Fred predicted it would be a tall man with dark hair, a scar on his leg and a love for water.

Sure enough, Caroline met Charley Horton, a tall dark-haired man with a scar on his leg - and he worked as a skipper.

The couple appeared alongside Beth on the show.

Earlier this year, Beth set up her own community radio show to help keep people connected during the coronavirus outbreak.