A SCOUT group needs to raise at least £3,000 to get its hut in Bewdley in a useable condition before winter.

The 20th Wyre Forest Bewdley Scouts group managed to secure a coronavirus grant from the government to make a start on urgent repairs to its dilapidated hut in Spencer Avenue, but discovered more problems which mean the building remains out of use.

Beaver group leader Lance Jinks said: "We pretty much need a full refurb. We took over the hut three years ago and it needed work doing to it back then, but we never had the funding to be able to do it.

"Luckily we had a Covid grant from the government so we managed to use that to start the work but every time we seem to fix one thing, we come across something else.

"For instance, we went to paint the ceiling and the plaster fell off. We got an electrician in to put new wiring in for the kitchen to be moved into another room and all the plaster fell off the wall.

"All the walls have to be re-plastered and the electrics need to be re-done.

"The toilets need a complete refurb and then it will all need to be painted."

All Scouting activities have been held outdoors since the coronavirus lockdown was eased due to social distancing rules, however as other groups start to move their sessions back indoors, the Bewdley Scouts are urgently trying to raise the funds needed to fix the hut before winter.

Lance said: "Most of the Scout groups are moving back indoors in October because it's getting dark so it will be unsafe to have all the children outside at that time of night, but we're stuck for a venue because the hut isn't in any condition to use.

"We've had some cracking support from electricians and builders already - one donated a full alarm system which cost £1,000 and they put it all in for free.

"We just need a bit more funding to be able to get the hut ready for our children to use."

The group, which includes Scouts, Beavers and Cubs, is aiming to raise at least £3,000 towards repairs. To donate, visit gofundme.com/f/bewdleyscouts.