THE battle with coronavirus, that has been fought since March, has entered a new front.

The statistics coming out show that we are losing the battle, with the reproduction rate of the virus implying a significant increase in future cases.

The Prime Minister has announced a new set of measures to try to beat Covid-19. These measures yet again curtail our normal lives. But at the same time, they try to find a way through the incredibly complex process of balancing the interests of lives against livelihoods.

It is incredibly difficult to manage, especially when some people are seeing their life’s work vanish as a result of government intervention.

The effect on businesses and our economy will be more profound the longer this continues.

Importantly, some of the previous guidance has now been elevated to law. What was once a guideline is now an enforceable requirement. Failure to comply can result in fines.

I can see why. When I go to the shops in Wyre Forest, people tend to stick to the rules.

But in London, when I dropped into my local Tesco just a small handful of people wore a mask. Some people are diligent, some forgetful, and others just fight against the rules.

I get a few emails from people who challenge the rules, saying they are an infringement on the personal liberties.

I understand how frustrating this all is, but the more people push back on the guidelines, the more we put at risk huge numbers of people – public sector workers, the vulnerable, and those who are working at risk to themselves to help deal with this problem.

I even hear from conspiracy theorists who believe the government has some hidden agenda. This couldn’t be further from the truth. Everyone in government, and across the country, want us to get back to normal.

No one wants to spend billions of taxpayers’ pounds on unnecessary schemes. Everything we are doing is all about getting life, as soon as possible, back to normal.

The more we all do our bit, the quicker we can get through this. But to get through this, it is vital that we stick to the rules, no matter how hard they may seem.

We all have a right to our freedoms, but we also have a right to expect the government to protect us.

The government, and our amazing public servants, are doing their best to get us through this.