DOZENS of reports of UFO sightings in the county have been revealed after previously confidential government files were published.

The files show 21 reports of unidentified flying objects made from people across Worcestershire between 1997 and 2009.

Several reports were made in Worcester involving teddy bear-shaped objects, moon-sized balloons and red and yellow stars.

A sighting was reported in Worcester in August 1997 where a UFO "the size of an aircraft" travelled across the sky at huge speed.

In 1998, reports were made of extremely bright, oval-shaped objects slowly moving across the sky in Evesham as well as round, white, erratic objects in Kidderminster.

A black teddy bear-shaped object moving rapidly through the sky was also reported in Bewdley, Hereford and Worcester. Very bright round objects and shooting stars moving slowly then rapidly were reported in the early hours in Worcester in 1999 and 2001.

On New Year's Eve 2001, a star-shaped object "pulsated and then vanished" in Malvern.

A "big, round, bright star" coloured yellow and red moved upwards in Worcester according to one report in April 2002.

In 2003, a helium-type balloon the "size of a moon" with blue and red lights was reported to have moved across the sky in Worcester. Seven to eight spherical objects moved in a straight line across the sky in Droitwich.

A report of several noiseless lights flying "rapidly" in a V-shape before splitting up and vanishing leaving no visible trail was made in Malvern in 2009 and the final report to be documented in the files shows a "strong" orange craft hovering across the skies in Evesham in October 2009.

Here are a full list of the reports made between 1997 and 2009. The description comes from the original report.


Rock near Kidderminster

Five lights were seen in the sky. They then formed into two dashes. One moved off, and then they all disappeared. January 20, 8am.


One large, cigar shaped object with four individual red/green lights. Very bright. Was moving very slowly and moving from left to right. March 19, 9.50am.


One object, the size of the North Star. Round and orange and yellow in colour. Quite bright. Was stationary and then there was steady movement. May 4, 10pm.


One large, cigar shaped object. There were three lights at the front of the shape. White in colour and very bright. Moved up and across and was slow moving. July 19, 9.30pm.

Shelsley Beauchamp

One square shaped object. It had lots of lights. Fifty or possibly more. They were very bright. The object flashed on and off. July 27, 12.30am.


A UFO. Similar to a conventional aircraft. Travelling Northwards at huge speed. August 1, 10.24pm.



One oval shaped object, which was extremely bright with a dark blodge. It was slowly moving across the sky. February 21, 2.20am.


One, round, white object that had the brightness of a star. It was erratic when it moved. September 19, 10.45pm.


One, black teddy bear shaped object. Was moving very fast through the sky. Sounded like a helicopter engine. August 31, 4pm.


Near Ambury

One oval spotlight. February 11, 7.50pm.


One round object, very bright. Was yellow with a red flash. May 16, 12.15am.



One shooting star, very bright. The movements were slow and then very fast. May 31, 3am.


One object, the shape of a star. Triangular red lights. There were also yellow and blue rays. Was hovering. Pulsated and then vanished. December 31, 9pm.



One big, round, bright star - object that was coloured yellow and red. Moved upwards. April 15, 9.50pm.



One light was seen. Erratic movement and stationary. July 15, 12.30am.


A helium type balloon, size of a moon, with flashing blue and red lights, moving north along the line of the A38 over the area south of Worcester. August 27, 11pm.



There were seven to eight spherical objects. They were moving in a straight line in an Easterly direction. October 6, 9.44pm.



Something that looked like a helicopter spotlight was 500/600ft high in the sky. Looked like there was a fire beneath the craft. There was no engine noise at all. It was moving about 60-80 miles per hour. (Message taken November 20).



A V-shaped formation similar to how birds fly of seven lights. Moved rapidly across the sky rotated slightly then the lights split up and vanished. Lights were size and brightness of stars. No noise and no visible trails in sky. January 5, 7pm.


A red fire ball travelling at extreme speed. It made no sound. Heading from Coventry to Leominster. March 17, 9.02pm.


Airborne craft with non-conform lighting, steady strong orange. October 28, 5.50pm.

The Ministry of Defence stopped taking UFO reports after December 2009 stating "in more than fifty years, no sighting reported to the department has indicated the existence of any military threat to the UK."