Note - Since we received the letter published below, the churchyard has been revamped. 

Laura Betson, team vicar for Kidderminster West, said graveyard maintenance had stopped temporarily due to the coronavirus pandemic, but assured residents it is now being maintained regularly.

She told The Shuttle: “We’re very sorry for any distress caused by the length of the grass in the graveyard at St John’s Church.

"Although there was a bit of a break due to the Covid restrictions, the graveyard is now maintained regularly.

"In some areas the grass is kept longer to encourage local wildlife, but this shouldn’t stop anyone being able to visit a particular grave and anyone with concerns should get in touch with the parish office so we can look at what might be possible.”

Madam - I was walking through St.John's church cemetery in Kidderminster yesterday and I've got to say it was disgusting.

It was so overgrown.

If you've got loved ones there and you was disabled or elderly you'd have no chance of getting to the graves to sort them out.

Its nothing to do with the covid this has been going on for a while.

Even the soldiers that are there are all overgrown it's so sad it broke my heart to see it like that.

Where's the respect gone nobody seems to care anymore.

My daughter and I would have a go at doing it but it's to much of a big job now. I spoke to some people who's loved ones are there they was so angry and upset. 

Kind regards 

Amanda Queenan