Madam - I read in last weeks shuttle with interest about the proposed development of the old Rock factory in Park Lane, while I would agree that a much needed revamp of this site is long over due and welcome the proposed school visits of the tunnels that are under the building, a few things need answering if possible.

Firstly what parking will be on offer for prospective owners of the flats secondly is the passage way a right of way as it states they want to close it off and last and more important to me what architectural features of this building will be kept inside and out.

Whether you like features or not so many old buildings in this town have been lost over the years to concrete dull uninteresting architecture, we have a chance to keep this frontage off yesteryear history (the bale pulley the stone kneelers the metal air brick grills) the little things carry a lot of history.

I hope the planners and developers have a caring hand to any future demolition of this building kidderminster needs it’s visual history as well as its future.