IS your home haunted? Are things going bump in the night? Ever feel like you’re being watched in your own home?

As a special Halloween treat paranormal investigator Jayne Harris has listed her top tips for finding out if your house has ghostly guests...

Jayne, originally from Stourbridge, is founder of HD Paranormal and TV presenter with Help! My House is Haunted which airs on the Really Channel.

She told the News: "More than 40 per cent of the British population believe in the paranormal...and as more and more people are reporting unusual phenomena in their homes since lockdown it seems that figure will only increase."

Here are her tips for determining whether your home is harbouring spirits of a different kind to those in the drinks cabinet.

1. Be Aware.

Take note of the little things. Did you really leave that light on? Wasn’t that door closed when you left? Small, seemingly insignificant things can be happening all around us but because we are so focussed on work, kids and life in general we don’t notice them. As spirits go about their business they occasionally leave little signs, sometimes on purpose! If something seems a bit weird – don’t ignore it! Keep a diary of events, note times too as this will help you look for patterns.

2. Do some research.

It’s often really simple to look into the history of your home and discover any former uses, who once lived there and more importantly…who died there? Local archives, parish records and old tithe maps can all bring up surprising information so turn detective and don’t forget to ask the neighbours and former occupants too. Understanding a place's past can help you get to grips with its energy today.

3. Speak up.

Ok so sitting in a room alone talking to empty space will feel weird at first. But keep going even if you feel foolish. Ask for a sign the you’re really not alone. It may take a few attempts but gradually you might just start seeing (or hearing) some direct responses. Get a good digital recorder and record these sessions. Ask your question, leave a five-second pause then ask your next, and try to think of interesting things to ask. Listen back to your recording later wearing headphones - who knows, you might have some responses/EVP’s (electronic voice phenomena).

4. Set a trap!

Maybe not literally…this isn’t Ghostbusters, but setting up a video camera in an area you consider a hot-spot for paranormal activity can be a really important part of your investigation. If you can get a camera with a night-vision mode then ever better but if not make sure a small lamp is left on or a torch. Try leaving a trigger object - something small like a coin, toy, marble, a watch or photograph - anything the spirits might find interesting then allow the camera to keep recording, ideally overnight. Are you brave enough to watch the footage back?

5. Call in the experts.

Sometimes you need back-up even if it’s just to confirm you’re not going crazy. Don’t be tempted to take your communication methods further by using Ouija boards or holding seances. If you’re in any doubt whatsoever get in touch with an experienced investigator. This is where that diary we talked about comes in handy.

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