THE family of a 26-year-old Kidderminster woman say they have been overwhelmed by the response to their appeal to raise £150,000 to fly her LA for cancer treatment.

Megan Smith is hoping to have enough money by the end of the month to get to the US to undergo a brand new type of treatment in Los Angeles, which is currently being used for clinical trials.

The former nurse was diagnosed with advanced stage four rectal cancer in 2019, but has repeatedly defied doctors' predictions and, after being referred for end of life care in August last year, an inoperable tumour on her bowel was removed.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Megan Smith was diagnosed with stage four rectal cancer in 2019Megan Smith was diagnosed with stage four rectal cancer in 2019

However, doctors have since told her that chemotherapy is no longer having an effect and her family launched an urgent appeal to fund alternative treatment abroad.

In just a week, a Go Fund Me page has collected nearly £20,000 in donations and the family say they have been overwhelmed by offers of fundraising events and raffles from members of the community.

Megan's sister Terri said: "It's been amazing. We've had so many people and businesses starting different fundraisers to help raise money.

"There are lots of raffles, one business has donated a full house carpet clean worth £300 which is being auctioned off, another local company donated a bespoke handmade children's bed, there's two local Kidderminster guys doing a fight night. Everyone has been so brilliant.

"Meg's been quite emotional about it all - she's so overwhelmed by how generous everyone's being.

"Without all of this support, it just wouldn’t be possible for her to get this treatment she needs."

Kidderminster Shuttle: has now exhausted all cancer treatments available to her in the UKhas now exhausted all cancer treatments available to her in the UK

Terri's 12-year-old son Bailey Wilding will also be taking on a half marathon this Saturday to raise money towards his Auntie Meg's treatment and has already collected nearly £2,000 in sponsors.

Megan and her family are now in the process of applying for the relevant emergency visas to get her to America in time, and are hoping to at least raise £50,000 of the £150,000 total to start the treatment once she arrives.

Terri said: "We’ve got ball rolling with everything now. Even if we can't raise the full £150,000 before we go, which will pay for the full six months of treatment, the travel and accommodation, if we can aim to get £50,000 we can at least get her there and get the treatment started."

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