ANGERED residents on the edge of Stourport are fighting yet another planning application to erect a phone mast in their street.

Neighbours in Dunley Road battled plans in 2012 for a 15-metre-high mast on a grass verge outside their homes and the proposal was ultimately refused.

Now, a new planning application has been submitted for a 20-metre-high EE mast in the same spot, prompting further complaints from villagers that the beautiful countryside surrounding their street will be blocked from view.

Dunley Road resident Robert Hughes said: "This is a picturesque part of Stourport and over the last eight years or so we have had two planning applications for telecoms masts in this green area.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Dunley Road residents say the 20-metre-high mast would be a blot on the landscapeDunley Road residents say the 20-metre-high mast would be a blot on the landscape

"We succeeded in getting the last two applications thrown out - mainly due to the fact that this is a picturesque area of town and people want to keep it looking nice.

"Then suddenly last week, we had a letter through the door saying another application has been submitted, this time by EE, for an even bigger mast.

"Rather than 15 metres, this one is going to be 20 metres. Last time it was going to have two boxes around it, this time it's eight boxes.

"A lot of people are very angry about this.

"It's not just a case of people not wanting this mast on their doorsteps. People in Stourport as well want to keep this area as a green and picturesque entrance and exit to the town. This mast would be an eyesore - it would completely ruin that."

Fellow resident Shirley Jones said: "They want to put this mast in the middle of this green space in front of our homes.

"When I first moved here, I used to look out of my house and see deer in the fields, now there's sheep. It's beautiful.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Residents say the phone mast would ruin the picturesque entrance to StourportResidents say the phone mast would ruin the picturesque entrance to Stourport

"If this planning application goes ahead, it will completely block my view of the countryside. All I'll see from my house is this mast."

More than 100 objections have already been lodged to Wyre Forest District Council, most of which argue the mast would have a detrimental effect on the landscape, while some suggest it could be damaging to neighbouring residents' health.

A spokesman for MBNL, which works on the infrastructure for EE’s mast sites, said: “MBNL and our partners undertake thorough due diligence when selecting our sites. When determining a location, finding the balance between delivering the service and capacity which customers want and expect, which is particularly prevalent in the current climate, alongside planning regulations and aesthetic expectations are never easy.

"We will continue to work closely with the local planning authority and residents and will give all comments and feedback careful consideration. Our aim is for the community to enjoy high-quality and reliable mobile connectivity and the benefits that it brings.”