CORONAVIRUS cases remain steady in Wyre Forest, however two areas in the district have infection rates above 400, placing them in the highest category on Public Health England's Covid map.

On the latest government map, which covers the seven day period up to November 17, Wolverley, Cookley and Blakedown and Stourport Areley Kings had the highest infection rates in the district.

Wolverley, Cookley and Blakedown recorded 50 new cases in that seven-day period, an increase of 17 on the previous week, and an infection rate of 549.1 per 100,000 people.

Areley Kings had 26 positive cases, an increase of three, and a rolling infection rate of 444.1.

These are the areas with the highest Covid-19 infection rates in Wyre Forest:

  1. Wolverley, Cookley and Blakedown - 549.1 rate, 50 cases
  2. Areley Kings - 444.1 rate, 26 cases
  3. Stourport Lickhill and Burlish - 384.9 rate, 27 cases
  4. Bewdley West, Ribbesford and Far Forest - 354.4 rate, 25 cases
  5. Stourport Mitton and Wilden - 327.8 rate, 26 cases
  6. Hartlebury and Wychbold - 325.6 rate, 26 cases
  7. Habberley - 274.7 rate, 18 cases
  8. Kidderminster Town - 269.3 rate, 23 cases
  9. Spennells and Hoobrook - 218.1 rate, 14 cases
  10. Franche - 217.9 rate, 15 cases
  11. Comberton - 201.4 rate, 17 cases
  12. Bewdley East and Upper Arley - 190.2 rate, 13 cases
  13. Birchen Coppice - 164.7 rate, 10 cases
  14. Foley Park - 118.7 rate, nine cases
  15. Greenhill - 85.6 rate, six cases

Official figures for the wider Wyre Forest, which cover the more recent seven-day period up to November 19, suggest that the district's infection rate continues to stabilise, falling compared to the week before.

Wyre Forest's infection rate stands at 248.8 with 252 positive cases, compared to a rate of 287.3 and 291 cases in the week up to November 12.

It means Wyre Forest has the second highest rate in Worcestershire after Redditch, which recorded an infection rate of 297.9 per 100,000 people.

Redditch's rate the week before was 346. It's case numbers dropped from 295 to 254.

Bromsgrove's infection rate is 230.3 with 230 positive cases, compared to a rate of 287.3 and 287 cases a week earlier.

Worcester's rate is 186.7 with 189 confirmed cases in the most recent seven-day period. A week earlier, its rate was 281.6 with 285 positive Covid cases.

Wychavon has a rate of 140.6 with 182 confirmed cases, compared to 170 and 220 cases the week before.

Malvern's rate is 108 with 85 cases, compared to a rate of 114.4 and 90 positive cases a week earlier.

A majority of areas in England - 249 out of 315 - have seen a fall in case rates.

The figures are based on tests carried out in laboratories and in the wider community and were published on Monday, November 23 on the government's coronavirus dashboard. Data for the most recent four days, November 20 to 23, has been excluded as it is incomplete and does not reflect the true number of cases.