A FAMILY in Kidderminster has been left "annoyed and disappointed" after three hand-crafted reindeers they had planned to sell to pay for Christmas were stolen from their garden overnight.

Father-of-one Tom Hicks started making the festive figures to make some extra cash to pay for Christmas presents and had left three of the reindeers next to a for sale sign in his front garden in Church Walk.

The family had only sold a couple of the reindeers to passersby who had spotted the wooden creatures for sale when they were stolen on Wednesday night.

Tom, 30, said: "My partner came down in the morning and opened the blinds and saw straight away they were gone.

"We'd set up a sign outside with a little display - people had been coming past and taking pictures. It was just to get us through Christmas comfortably with everything going on. Most people are struggling a bit this year.

"It's frustrating when you try to do something to bring in a bit more money for food and presents and someone goes and drags you back to where you were. I'm just a bit annoyed and disappointed that someone would do that."

Tom decided not to report the thefts to police but wants to warn members of the community who might be planning to place Christmas decorations outside.

The Hicks are continuing to sell their log reindeers online here.