WYRE Forest pub bosses have shared their frustrations before Worcestershire moves into tier two of the government's new stricter tier system this week.

The county had previously been in the lowest tier, meaning residents had to obey the Rule of Six and pubs and restaurants had to close by 10pm, but groups of less than six people from different households could still mix indoors, unlike in the higher tiers.

In tier two of the new stricter system, pubs and restaurants will only be permitted to stay open if they serve “substantial” meals and must only serve alcohol with food.

The Loom & Shuttle on Stourport Road is set to reopen its doors on Wednesday (December 2) following the lockdown.

Gill Conway, who runs the pub, said she was "not thrilled" about the move into tier two.

"For some, it will be a very difficult tier to be in," she told The Shuttle.

"My main concern is that not everybody who goes to the pub wants to eat or has the funds to eat.

"We have no idea whether people will come in. We have had some feedback from the regulars.

"I really feel for people that have got wet-led pubs that don't do food. It would be much easier if we were in tier one. Tier two is quite grey. We are not thrilled.

"It is what it is and all we can do is try our best and see what happens."

However, Maria Gooding who runs the Black Star pub in Stourport, says her business will not be opening for the festive season, describing the 'substantial meal' expectation as an "absolute nightmare"

She said: "We're not opening because we don't think it's right. It means we would have to have the kitchen open ten hours a day. I don't think it's fair on staff and ourselves.

"I'm absolutely devastated. We bought the Black Star 18 months ago. Luckily we have been able to access government grants.

"It's very unfair for the hospitality industry. It's going to be so difficult. We are lucky in some ways as we are not a brewery owned pub.

"We get to choose whether we open or not. It's not the right thing to do at the moment."

Previously, Wyre Forest Campaign for Real Ale (CAMRA) said tier two restrictions could be "devastating" to many local pubs and even leave some at risk of closure.

Branch chairman Nick Rubery said: "This could be devastating to many small wet trade-led community pubs and licensees may be forced to make decisions on the future survival of their businesses.

"These added restrictions, which single out our small pubs, are unsupported by any published evidence and, be in no doubt, they will further threaten the future of our beloved locals."