A NINE-YEAR-OLD girl from Kidderminster has had her long hair cut off to be made into a wig for a child with cancer for a second time - and she plans to do it again.

Maddi Breakwell first volunteered for a charity chop for the Little Princess Trust three years ago and told mum Tracey shortly afterwards she wanted to grow out her hair once again for the cause.

"She told me she wanted to grow out her hair again so that all the poorly children could have hair", said Tracey. "It's an amazing things to do twice."

Maddi had her hair cut off just before Christmas and has now pledged to do it all over again once her hair is long enough.

Tracey said: "She wasn't nervous at all about getting it cut. She was very happy about doing it because she knows where it's going.

"She's now regrowing it for a third time to make another wig.

"Her hair does grow quite slowly so it will probably be another couple of years with the odd trim in between to keep it healthy, but I'm very proud of her."