SCHOOLS and business across Worcestershire are calling for any unwanted laptops and other electronic devices to help pupils learn during lockdown.

With the return of pupils to their classrooms delayed due to the coronavirus lockdown, schools are moving online for their teaching,though many students lack the right devices to access their lessons. As a result, residents are being called on to donate unwanted laptops and tablets to schools.

Worcester firm ISO Quality Services, based in St John’s, is appealing for donations, with more than 575 million school days missed in 2020 due to the lockdown. The company is urging residents to either contact schools directly with their donations or to find local charities donating to schools.

Suzie Bourne, Headteacher at Witton Middle School has applauded the community after members of the public came forward out of the blue to donate their unwanted laptops and devices to help children at home access online learning.

She said: “We are proud to serve our community by opening to vulnerable children and children of critical workers at this time. Those at home have embraced remote home learning brilliantly but there are a number of families who simply don’t have devices to do this.

"We would like to say a huge thank you to the very generous members of our community who, completely unprompted, have donated technology to benefit our pupils.

“The national demand for devices is significant at the moment, resulting in long delays that are preventing some children from learning. We are very much looking forward to lending these donated items out to our pupils working at home once they have had software installed.”

A list of Charities who can wipe your devices and donate to local schools within your area is available on the BBC Radio website.