DOCTORS' surgeries in Wyre Forest are gearing up for the second phase of the Covid-19 vaccine roll-out after delivering the first dose of the jab to over 14,000 patients.

The Wyre Forest Health Partnership surgeries, which include Kidderminster and Stourport Medical Centres, have now given approximately 14,000 Covid jabs and have vaccinated nearly all care home residents in the district.

The partnership is due to finish giving first dose vaccinations to housebound residents this week and says the system is now "gearing up" for the delivery of second doses.

In an update to patients on Monday, Clare Nock, chief executive officer of Wyre Forest Health Partnership, said: "Our patients who are 70 and older or in care homes have nearly all been vaccinated. Exceptions are those who were ill, isolating or chose not to have the vaccination.

"We plan to finish giving first dose vaccinations to our housebound patients the week beginning February 8. It has been a tremendous team effort from clinical, management and admin staff across the Partnership.

"We are continuing to offer first vaccinations, so please lookout for a text from us inviting you to book an appointment. Remember the only data we will ever ask you to enter on a booking text from us is your date of birth, nothing else.

"You are welcome to travel further to a mass vaccination site if you receive a letter, but be assured we continue to offer a local Covid vaccination service from Stourport and Kidderminster.

"When you do come for a vaccination, it is important that you do wear a mask in order to keep staff and other patients safe."

Health bosses have also reassured those waiting for confirmation of their second vaccine dose, and Mrs Nock said: "NHS England has been absolutely consistent that no second vaccine should be given until the 12th week.

"We have received notification as to how vaccine supplies will arrive to ensure there are adequate second doses, separate to the first doses which we will also continue to give.

"So the system is starting to gear up for this second phase.

"A patient’s first covid vaccination record is now stored in your clinical record held at the surgery. Our data team will be able to identify our patients as they fall due for their second vaccination, within the NHSE recommended time line.

"I would expect the team to be in touch about one week before patients’ second dose is due. We do not contact people earlier than this because people's plans or circumstances can change."