I would like to bring to the publics attention, the plight of pigeons.

I fail to be able to go to Kidderminster without having to see a child kicking a pigeon for fun, just because they want to.

I look at the parents hoping they'll stop them, but one child was in a pushchair with a big stick and the mother said, "go on hit the pigeon." No chance there of the parents teaching them not to.

I also saw a man trying to kick a pigeon whilst he had his young son with him.

Let's not forget that without the pigeons help, that the second world war doubtfully wouldn't have been won. These little heroes flew the vital messages abroad.

One pigeon alone saved the lives of 250 soldiers; who in turn saved ours.

People say it's because they defecate, but where would we have been going to the toilet if toilets hadn't been invented for us, because I alone admit that I wouldn't have been able to invent a toilet.

Leave the little fellows alone because it's probably man that destroyed their habitats and forced them to come to the towns, in search of food in the first place.

Just like with the palm oil from the rain forests and probably now with bamboo products, that that too will have a devastating effect and again it'll be the innocent ones to suffer.

Letter by Anonymous

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