POLICE in Stourport are looking for 12 volunteers to act as their "eyes and ears" as part of a new initiative.

Officers are trialling Streetwatch, a scheme which aims to create a visible presence in the community, with volunteers being asked to report concerns and suspicious behaviour back to their Safer Neighbourhood Team.

Volunteers are asked to do this as part of their daily routines – such as when walking their dog, or on the school run - to try and actively deter any anti-social behaviour.

Full training and equipment is given to volunteers and they will also be fully vetted. They will build relationships with their Safer Neighbourhood Teams, who will co-ordinate patrols and act as a point of contact.

West Mercia Police has stressed that volunteers will never be asked to intervene as this is very much the role of officers.

Volunteers are asked to work in pairs for safety and have basic IT skills to update where and when they have carried out a patrol.

They are requested to carry out at least two hours’ worth of their time per month.

The initiative is already successful in West Midlands Police and Northamptonshire Police, and it is hoped that the same can work in Stourport before being rolled out to other areas in West Mercia.

The Stourport trial requires 12 volunteers and anyone interested should contact angeline.stanley@westmercia.pnn.police.uk for further details.