POLICE are reminding people to drink sensibly over the Bank Holiday weekend and to continue to follow the Covid regulations.

Julian Moss, deputy chief constable of West Mercia Police have stressed they want people to enjoy themselves, but "to do it safely".

The statement said: "With lockdown easing and with hopefully some warmer weather to enjoy, we’re all looking forward to seeing friends and family again, not to mention being able to visit some of the glorious locations this country has to offer, and in the near future being able to attend some fun events, with the Euros, outdoor festivals and summer parties all on the cards.

“But with all those great, wonderful, exciting things we’ve all missed, comes responsibility.

"Not just continuing to adhere to the regulations to ensure we don’t undo all the hard work we’ve done and move back into restrictions, but also responsibility for our own welfare and that of our friends and family.

“So please, if you are planning a night out - and I know it’s tempting after this past year - be careful about how much you drink. We recommend the following:

"Avoid walking home alone or with a stranger.

"Plan how you’ll be getting home in advance and share this with your friends/family.

"Download the Hollie Guard app. This app is free and downloadable from the Google Play and Apple App stores. It can track a person’s location on any journey and share this with selected contacts, alerting them if danger arises - https://fb.watch/58_zuGKUdR.

"There are also some taxi apps which enable you to share your journey details with a designated friend or family member.

"Don’t walk home alone near open water.

"Don’t drink and drive.

“Similarly, as the weather gets increasingly warm this summer, there is a temptation to go for a dip in rivers, quarries, ponds and pools. Again, even when sober and no matter how good a swimmer you are, there are dangers here.

"You don’t know what obstacles or plants may entangle you, rivers can have very strong undercurrents and quarry water is known for being extremely cold, which can induce ‘cold water shock’.

“Planning ahead is also important for road safety as we all start to travel a little further from home and with more traffic on the roads as the lockdown restrictions ease. So be sure to check your tyres, particularly if you’ve been parked up for a while and ensure your vehicle is roadworthy, taxed and insured. Wherever possible, allow plenty of time for your journey, so you’re not rushing and can stop for a break en route.

“We are here for you and we don’t want to stop you from enjoying yourselves, but we really want you to do it safely and to continue abiding by the Covid-19 restrictions. Thank you.”