HARDWORKING students at Kidderminster’s Baxter College have received their awards for success and effort during the last covid-hit school year.

Lockdown forced the cancellation of the annual Celebration of Achievement but now the 2019-2020 awards have been announced on the school’s website.

Principal Matthew Carpenter said: “Well done to all our students and their fantastic achievements. We all understand the challenges of the last 12 months, but I have every confidence this generation of young people will go on to become resilient and able to cope with change, and more appreciative of things we have always taken for granted.

“With these virtues, I believe they will lead successful lives, transforming the world around them to become more sustainable, more equal and ultimately more prosperous.”

Alongside subject prizes for last year’s year 11 and 13 students were several special awards including the Achievement Award presented to Ella Marshall, described as a “fantastic linguist” and an “exceptional sixth form student”.

The Jak Crump Award for Achieving Against the odds went to Kayleigh Watters, who overcame anxieties about her subjects and being in school, to being hardworking, polite, making excellent progress and supportive of other students.

England badminton player Emily Carpenter received the Dave Seddon Award for Sporting Excellence, for maintaining a high level of performance both in her academic studies and her sporting achievements.

The Governors’ Endeavour Award went to the nine-strong Baxter College Parliament for the “fantastic contribution” they made towards keeping the school community together during the first lockdown with their weekly newsletter to keep the home learners in touch with school.

Mia Weaver picked up the Attendance Award in recognition of the “extraordinary efforts” she put into her work and for her contribution to the sixth form.

Current year eight student Jessie Shurmer won the Literacy Award for effort and determination to make very good progress and become a reading role model to her classmates and year group.

Sarah Beadsworth, chairman of the governors, praised the students for the “forbearance and dignity” they had shown throughout the pandemic.

She added: “I know how proud your teachers and support staff are of the way you have adapted to the changes imposed on you during the last 12 months and dealt with the disappointments of social and educational cancellations. You have been their shining light; you are what has kept them going.”