COVID testing booths in Kidderminster Library are being removed after this week, as more residents are choosing to take rapid flow tests at home.

The last tests will be available at the library on May 29, but the library will still be used as a collection point for self-test kits.

In the same period up until April 4 2021, 880 tests were collected for use at home compared to 266 tests conducted on site in the library.

Dr Kathryn Cobain, director of Public Health in Worcestershire, said: “We are very grateful to our residents and businesses who have regularly been using rapid flow testing to help keep everyone safe. For many people it is convenient to collect a box of tests and do them at home, and our pharmacies are playing a vital role in providing the test kits.

“For those who prefer to be supervised while taking their test, there are still a number of pharmacies in Kidderminster offering onsite supervised testing.

"Alongside vaccination, testing is an important measure to tackle the spread of the virus. By testing twice a week with LFTs we are all helping to protect our family and loved ones, as well as our community."

Kidderminster Library has been a rapid Covid testing site since April 6.

Hannah Perrott, Assistant Director for Communities, said: “It has been a pleasure to support the COVID-19 efforts by providing space for testing within Kidderminster Library and we continue this support by being a collection point for home testing kits.

“Libraries are a great community asset and we have been delighted to see people returning whether it is to use our library services or collect a test kit.”

For those that prefer to be supervised, while taking their test, there are several pharmacies offering supervised onsite tests in the local area.

To book a supervised test, visit the central health website.