FORMER Wyre Forest MP Dr Richard Taylor got himself into a fiery row with a talk show host after stating that lockdown should remain in place "indefinitely".

The GP and co-leader of the National Health Action Party was invited onto Julia Hartley-Brewer's TalkRADIO programme to discuss the Covid-19 crisis.

But the presenter erupted at the 86-year-old from Kidderminster after he suggested lockdown measures should remain in place until the virus is defeated.

On the programme, Dr Taylor said: "We've got to take the risk very seriously."

"The trouble is there are still some anti-vaxxers around - so there are a number of people who are not getting it and whose kids are not getting it, which is absolutely awful."

Ms Hartley-Brewer asked Dr Taylor how long people should have their lives "curtailed" because of some people deciding against having a vaccine.

He replied by saying: "That's unanswerable isn't it?

When pressed on this by the host, Dr Taylor said: "I think the lockdown should continue indefinitely until we have got rid of this retched bug."

In response Ms Hartley-Brewer said: "I wish I had something that would beep out the words I am saying in my head right now to you.

"So until we wipe out Covid for good - until every single person is vaccinated - and by the way even if everyone is vaccinated there will still be people who die of Covid as we know it is not 100 percent, the same with any vaccine.

"You think we should be locked down for good?"

She later said: "Richard may I ask do you just not have many friends and not live a very interesting life.

"Is that why you are not really bothered about having your life curtailed?"

Later in the programme, Dr Taylor added: "I think we've got to live with a lockdown for a certain period and no one yet can say when that ends.

"We stay in lockdown until we know that it is no longer spreading."