OUTRAGED Stourport parents have shared their disappointment following a "miscommunication" made by police over free rowing sessions for children.

The Stourport Safer Neighbourhood Team has apologised after they posted "incorrect" information on the Wyre Forest Police Facebook page earlier this month about their Rowing Project.

The post suggested that the free sessions were available for all children in Wyre Forest, however the project is "specifically" funded for youngsters living on the Walshes Estate in Stourport in an attempt to "divert them into sport and away from anti-social behaviour or crime," according to police.

In a Facebook post, PC Sam Maher said: "We have been inundated with enquires and interest regarding this post and we regret to inform you that the post was incorrect and suggested this project was open for all children in Wyre Forest.

"This project is a targeted initiative designed to tackle areas with high levels of Anti-Social Behaviour and low social economic backgrounds and has been funded specifically for a target audience of youngsters who reside on the Walshes Estate in Stourport in an attempt to divert them into sport & activity and away from ASB or crime.

"Stourport Boat Club have been funded to deliver this unique and bespoke project in order to achieve the projects specific goals.

"Unfortunately, the original post on Wyre Forest Police Facebook page was a miscommunication and has since been retracted.

"It is with regret that at this time unless you live on the Walshes Estate in Stourport your children will not be able to join the project.

"We are sorry for any confusion that has been caused but our funding parameters are very strict to ensure that this project is targeted and has an impact on the community for the reasons outlined above."

Reacting to the correction on Facebook, One mother said: "Disgraceful. My daughter was excited about this. So many children are now left disappointed and let down."

Another social media user said: "Disappointed that it only aimed at those apparently ‘naughty’ because of their postcode. What about all the other children who may have issues who need a confidence boost because they have been isolated for half the year."

Another said: "That's not very fair is it? All children should be allowed to participate. Disgraceful."

Some praised the project with one Facebook user saying: "A worthwhile project. Pity about the funding issue. Great idea all the same."

Another user said: "Great job by the police, and I'm sure a lot of children from the estate will benefit."

PC Maher said children living in the area of the Walshes Estate are welcome to attend land rowing sessions at Linden Avenue Park between July 19 and August 2.

He added: "These are not drop in/ ad hoc sessions but a cumulative build to develop skill, knowledge and understanding. However, only those who have been attending the land sessions and have been identified and invited will be able to progress to the water sessions for safety reasons."