RESIDENTS have expressed their concern and anger at proposals to build 1,400 homes on 'gorgeous' farmland off Comberton Lane.

A public consultation is currently being held for the huge housing estate named 'Woven Oaks' , with developer Taylor Wimpey, also proposing a doctors surgery, primary school and community hall.

Nearby residents on Prior Close, Sophie and Ollie Swain have created an action group called 'Residents Against Woven Oaks' and have started a petition which currently has over 200 signatures.

They are also raising money for a planning consultant to represent Kidderminster at a potential planning committee meeting and created a video to visually highlight concerns.

Ollie and Sophie are both fearful that the estate will increase road accidents on Husum Way as the proposed access point is situated at the bottom of a railway bridge so spotting oncoming traffic when exiting the estate will be a difficulty.

"As you come off the Birmingham Road, which is already a terrible junction, and over the railway bridge, its a blind spot and cars speed down the road at over 30 miles per hour. Its an accident waiting to happen," said Ollie.

"There will be around extra 3000 cars coming up and down that road which is already very busy.

"We are not opposed to houses being built, but there is no infrastructure to support this size of a development."

Kidderminster Shuttle: The proposed access point to the estate is at the bottom of a railway bridge. The proposed access point to the estate is at the bottom of a railway bridge.

Sophie said another concern is the loss of the acres and acres of farmland when there are a lot of brownfield sites that could be used.

"Everyone owns homes around this area as they all back on to greenbelt land and gorgeous farmland - it is so quiet," said Sophie.

"There is section of woodland within the the proposed site so where is all the wildlife going to go?

"There are loads of bats, badgers and foxes in those trees.

Kidderminster Shuttle: The proposed site is currently farmland. The proposed site is currently farmland.

"At the moment there is a big healthy green sprawl between Blakedown and Kidderminster and soon enough we are all going to be one big town as greenbelt land is not safe anymore."


Another Prior Close resident, Iain Perks, is also concerned about the environmental impact due to the vast amount of extra cars the development will generate.

Iain said: "There is not enough jobs in Kidderminster to facilitate all these people so they will be commuting out of town. There will be more cars on the road not just on Husum Road but every road in the surrounding area. It will significantly increase Kidderminster's carbon footprint."

Kidderminster Shuttle: Woven Oaks proposed plan.Woven Oaks proposed plan.

Offmore councillors have set up a meeting with residents on Monday (July 26) at Offmore Church Hall to hear views about the development.

At 5:30pm, a representative from Taylor Wimpey will be present to discuss the proposals with a small group of residents.

At 7pm the selected residents will then be able to feedback information to wider members of the Kidderminster community group.

Taylor Wimpey's public consultation is open until July 29 and can be accessed via