THIS is the moment an unexploded device from WWII was detonated after being fished out of the River Severn in Bewdley.

Businesses in the town were evacuated, the bridge was closed, and Load Street was cordoned off after the device was discovered yesterday afternoon (Friday, August 20).

A bomb squad was called in by police to recover the device, which they later identified as a piece of ordnance dating back to the second world war.

They have since detonated the device in a secure and controlled explosion. The Wyre Forest Police Facebook page shared real time and slow motion footage of the explosion.

They posted: "We are grateful to the community of Bewdley who co-operated with us in securing the area to ensure public safety was maintained.

“If you find any device which you believe to be an unexploded ordnance device then please remain calm and contact police on 999 to alert the relevant organisations.

“Thank you once again for your support and understanding throughout the dynamic incident which we hope did not cause too much disruption.”