A STOURPORT woman has raised thousands after launching a desperate appeal to help her brother-in-law get life-saving treatment.

Steph Okafor, aged 33, has been swimming the length of the English Channel at Wyre Forest Leisure Centre in an effort to raise thousands for her ill relative Bobo, who lives in Africa.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Bobo in hospital Bobo in hospital

Mrs Okafor, who is a events project manager, said: "My husband, Modestus, has a little brother, Chibundu, affectionately known as Bobo. 

"Bobo is now 16-years-old but has become very unwell with sickle cell anaemia that he has had all his life and so I am fundraising to try to get him the surgery he needs to cure him.

"His only hope for a normal life expectancy is to have a bone marrow transplant.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Chibundu, affectionately known as BoboChibundu, affectionately known as Bobo

"This was not a possibility until very recently, as it used to cost hundreds of thousands of pounds, and a flight to the UK.

"However, a new hospital has opened close to him where he can now get the surgery. We now only need to raise £23,000 thanks to this new hospital - a much more realistic target."

So far, more than £10k has been raised towards the target following a range of events, with more planned later this year. People can donate to Mrs Okafor's JustGiving page here.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Steph Okafor taking part in the swim at Wyre Forest Leisure Centre Steph Okafor taking part in the swim at Wyre Forest Leisure Centre

She added: "I understand that now is a tough time for so many people and there may be a lot of people who have nothing spare to give, but Bobo doesn’t have the luxury of time.

"He has lost four siblings to sickle cell already so it’s only too clear what it will mean for him if he doesn’t get this surgery.

"His joints are starting to dislocate and his body is so weak that operating on his currently dislocated shoulder has not been successful.

"Bobo’s mother, my mother-in-law, tells me that every day he is just saying how much pain he is in."