KIDDERMINSTER karate school Young Gloves successfully achieved a Gold and Bronze in the GB International Karate championships.

Hosted in Birmingham University of sport with over 1000 competitors taking part attending from all over the United Kingdom, the club competed with a team of 14 members and succeeded in a Gold for Yoel Perry and Bronze for Mia Nowak in Karate fighting.

All members, some as young as 6 years of age performed incredibly well and represented the club with pride winning many fights on Sunday, September 5.

Head Instructor Justin Thomas 5th dan said: “Another proud day for the club with everyone taking part showing true commitment, dedication and complete sportsmanship at all times.

"They are not only fine role models for all the karate club, but also for other people in the community to see what can be done with determination, commitment and discipline.

"We have competed at this level for a few years now and have enjoyed teaching many students including International champions, however this current squad is the most talented group ever and I’m very much looking forward to future successes.”

Young Gloves karate was established in 1999 a community run club with over 200 members coming together training in martial arts as well as giving thousands of pounds each year to local charities within the community.