A DEVASTATED Kidderminster man has launched a fundraiser to help a hefty vet bill after his beloved beagle was brutally attacked by a trio of dogs.

Mechanical fitter Kieran Connolly was walking his dog Flo at Brinton Park when it was bitten by three dogs - leaving behind "horrendous" wounds.

Flo was rushed to a veterinary centre for emergency surgery on its neck after the attack, which happened on Saturday, September 25, at 3pm.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Flo was wounded after being bitten on the neck Flo was wounded after being bitten on the neck

He told the Shuttle: "A staffie bit her and two pitbull mastiffs attacked her. It's heartbreaking. I've never heard my dog cry and yelp like that.

"As soon as the dog let go, Flo ran back through the cemetery and I was running straight after it.

"I would have gladly put my arm in the way and let the dogs bite me. I don't like to see my dog like this.

"The vet said my dog was very lucky to still be alive."

Kidderminster Shuttle: The beloved beagle was also bitten on the leg The beloved beagle was also bitten on the leg

But the bills have been adding up due to follow-up trips to the vets after Flo's neck became infected.

Mr Connolly has estimated that he will have to pay more than £2,000 in bills, which he says he will struggle to afford.

He has started a GoFundMe to help raise funds for Flo's life-saving treatment. The appeal, which can be seen here, has raised more than £800 so far.

Mr Connolly has thanked those who have already donated to the appeal.

Kidderminster Shuttle: Kieran Connolly and Flo Kieran Connolly and Flo

Mr Connolly, who has contacted police about the incident, says he has heard about a number of dog attacks that have happened recently in the Kidderminster area.

He added: "It seems to be happening all too frequent in Kidderminster at the moment. It's just not fair on the owners."

"I was in contact with police - they are trying to pursue it."