DISGUSTED Bewdley residents have shared their outrage after decorative duck houses in Bewdley were thrown into a pond.

The houses are part of an art installation organised by Bewdley Festival and are displayed at Jubilee Gardens.

However, two of the duck houses were tipped into the park pond on Saturday night (October 9).

Bewdley Festival said: "This is the very first time we have seen such destructive behaviour and hope that it is the last time."

The Duck Houses were all made by the Emily Jordan Foundation and then decorated by businesses and organisations from around the area.

Bewdley residents vented their anger at the vandalism on social media. One resident described it as "shocking and heartbreaking".

Another said: "Sometimes I just can't get my breath when I hear how people can be.

"We walked through on Friday and loved them all. Just like to say we saw lots of people enjoying the houses so please know the work that people have put in is definitely appropriate by a lot of people.

"As always, a small minority spoil nice things."

Another said: "Such a pity. Understandable anger about the people who did this.

"My heart goes out to those people who spent so much time and care decorating their duck houses for everyone to enjoy."