A LONG-serving Stourport newsagent has returned to serve the community after opening a new shop in the town.

Kash Mepa, aged 62, ran Dwyers Newsagents with his brother Mal for 27 years before selling the shop and calling it a day in 2019.

He decided to get back into the paper selling business following the Covid lockdowns. The shop, which is called Bob's news, opened last month at the former Boots store on High Street. 

Kash Mepa told the Shuttle: "We thought we'd give it a go again.

"I've been in Stourport for 27 years so we've made a lot of friends. We are serving the community.

"I've seen a lot of kids grow up and know they are married and have kids of their own.

"We were happy to open up again. We are looking forward to seeing the old and new customers."

The news of Kash's return to the high street has delighted Stourport residents on social media. Many wished the shop keeper the best of luck with his new venture, whilst others said it was "lovely" to see Kash returning to serve residents.

One Facebook user said: "Wow great to see Stourport High Street coming to life again. Good luck.

Another resident said: "This is the best news I’ve seen in a long time about Stourport."

Another said: "Such a lovely polite man with a smile to greet you. I hope your new shop is as lucky for me as the old one. I shall be in for my lottery ticket."

One said: "Good luck, a lovely addition to our town."

Another said: "Good luck let’s hope you get the support from everyone."

Another said: "Wishing every success to a good man."