'INCONSIDERATE' parking by residents which stops bin lorries from getting through has been shamed by Wyre Forest District Council.

The council said it is "becoming more common that we can't empty bins due to residents parking their vehicles inconsiderately and our vehicles not being able to get past."

It has issued a plea on social media to people to park close to the kerb, fold in their wing mirrors and leave extra room near tight corners so that bin lorries, fire engines and ambulances can pass.

A picture was also issued showing an example of bad parking along with a warning that bins might not be collected if lorries can't get through.

The council said: "Our bin lorries are 26 tonne trucks, they are 2.5 metres wide and need a specially qualified driver.

"They each cover up to 350 miles a week but they cannot reach your home if the road is blocked.

"The cars are often parked legally but not in a way which makes it possible for our collection lorries to negotiate the narrower streets.

"If we are struggling to get through - emergency vehicles will too."