THE Mayor of Kidderminster, Councillor Juliet Smith, has launched a new awards scheme to recognise those who have given their time and support to benefit others.

To start the scheme, and in recognition of the challenging times we have all experienced, the town council is looking to recognise exceptional contributions of people during the pandemic.

These awards are open to each and every citizen of Kidderminster and serve to recognise exceptional support for others – people who have gone above and beyond to help others.

The awards rely on Kidderminster residents nominating potential recipients using a form that is available on the Kidderminster Town Council website or can be emailed if requested via the Mayor’s office.

Once nominations are in, a panel of judges will meet to decide the recipients.

The Awards will be presented by The Mayor of Kidderminster in the Mayor’s Parlour, Kidderminster Town Hall.

Depending on the number of nominations, there will be more than one presentation over the coming year.

To nominate, people need to do is fill in the nomination form and send it to the Town Clerk at Kidderminster Town Hall. Any individuals, community group, voluntary organisation or business can be nominated. As well as voluntary work, people can nominate someone for going over and above in a paid role in response to Covid-19.

You can make more than one nomination and forms are available from or via

Kidderminster mayor Juliet Smith said: “As Mayor, I am delighted to be doing this as there are so many people we all need to thank for their help, support and dedication over the last couple of years.

"I am sure we will get lots of nominations and I look forward to receiving them.”