YOUNG Gloves karate based in Kidderminster has recently launched a campaign to help save lives.

The club has held a series of personal protection and first aid courses held at Franche school Kidderminster, taught by senior instructor Samantha Thomas with the aim to give people self defence and life saving first aid skills.

Children as young as eight as well as adults enjoyed the benefit of learning a whole host of skills including the recovery position, CPR, AED usage, bleeds, and choking.

The three hour sessions raised money for the Smile for Joel. £300 was raised by the courses, making the grand total of £5,000 donated since the start of the clubs campaign.

Samantha Thomas from Young Gloves said: "I think it's so important that in the current world we live in, people have an understanding of how to keep themselves safe as well as how to save lives should they ever need to.

"As a former school teacher, I think that first aid skills should be part of the curriculum, giving children an understanding of what to do should they ever find themselves in a crisis.

"Simple skills can save lives and I feel passionate about passing my knowledge and experience to our local communities".

Kidderminster Shuttle: Senior instructor Samantha Thomas teaching first aid Senior instructor Samantha Thomas teaching first aid

Head instructor sensei Justin Thomas 5th dan said: “I’ve always thought of Young Gloves as being far more than just a martial arts club.

"Giving people confidence in their abilities whether it is in personal protection or first aid is something I feel we all need in today’s society. Giving everyone of all ages the skills to deliver first aid is so important.

"Sadly there are times where not only adults but children too will be in a position where their where their help is needed because of illness or injury, these skills really saves lives.

"I myself have had experience in giving emergency CPR so know just how important it is.

"I’m so proud of how everyone has supported these sessions and encourage everyone to seek out these skills - sadly you never know when you may need them.”