ST John Ambulance volunteers are once again giving free demonstrations of life saving skills in Kidderminster as part of the annual Restart a Heart campaign in October.

St John’s highly trained volunteers are arranging demos in locations around the country between October 9 and 23, to give people opportunities to learn essential first aid skills.

People in Kidderminster can attend demonstrations on October 16 at 10am to 11pm, 11.30am to 12.30pm, 1pm to 2pm. These will be held at St John Ambulance Kidderminster in Elgar House on Green Street.

For more information about this Restart a Heart event, or if you would like to book a place, please contact

This session is free to attend and includes practical information on how to understand the difference between a cardiac arrest and a heart attack, how to give cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR), and how to deliver shocks to the heart with a defibrillator.

Dr Lynn Thomas, Medical Director at St John Ambulance, said: “A cardiac arrest can happen any time and without warning so ensuring that people have that knowledge when confronted with a heart-related emergency is vital and increases the chances of saving a life. Coupled with this, we are concerned that as many members of the public as possible regain the confidence to deliver bystander CPR to casualties when they are most in need of support.”