A KIDDERMINSTER Theatre company is set to stage psychological thriller 'Gaslight' next month.

The Nonentities Society will be performing the play at the Rose Theatre from November 1 to 6.

The play centres around the them of 'Gaslighting,' a term used to describe the kind of psychological manipulation intended to make a victim question their sanity and is derived from Patrick Hamilton’s play ‘Gaslight.’

On the surface, ‘Gaslight’ is a well-known Victorian Melodrama but scratch that surface and there’s a terrifying and insightful psychological thriller to unfold.

Bella Manningham appears to have everything she could possibly need; a well-to-do household to maintain and a seemingly loving husband, but behind closed doors she is slowly and deliberately being driven out of her mind.

Terrified and threatened with the asylum each day, Bella is tortured by her insecurities and fears.

Aided by a former detective who has been keeping a close eye on proceedings, Bella unravels a series of harrowing truths concerning betrayal, long lost treasure and an horrific murder.

It will be a "darkly thrilling" evening of entertainment.

To book tickets, people can call the box office Monday, Wednesday and Friday from 10.30 am to 12.30pm, or Thursday 7-9 pm on 01562 743745 or visit the website www.rosetheatre.co.uk