A NEW family-run cafe offering breakfast, brunch and more is set to open in Stourport next week

Owner Louise Gibson, aged 45, has hired her five children to work at The Passage Cafe, which opens on Monday (November 1).

She said: "Myself and my mum had always talked about running a cafe, but unfortunately it never happened.

"My mum passed away earlier this year after a long battle with cancer.

"Myself and my children looked after her for four years, after her passing I came across Ginger's Cafe for sale and instantly knew that this was the right place.

"Myself and my son (Ryan Brunt) have worked really hard to get it how it looks today

"Ryan has worked tirelessly devising a menu offering fresh, vibrant affordable food, whilst continuing to study a masters in touring theatre at Worcester University."

Ryan, aged 20, will work as the head chef and assistant manager at the cafe, located at Parkes Passage.

Ryan Brunt said: “We wanted a place where we could serve fresh affordable food, it’s exciting to see it all come together"

Ellie -Louise Gibson, aged 18, will work part time front of house, whilst training to be a prison officer

Kyle Roden-Brunt, aged 26, will also work part time front of house and behind the scenes

Nino Gibson aged 13, and Noah Gibson aged 11, will both be helping out during school holidays.