ROBERT Plant has donated a Led Zeppelin tee for a charity auction as Kidderminster College celebrates BBC 6 Radio Sounds annual T Shirt Day.

Students and staff are being encouraged to rep their favourite artist today (November 19) and hopefully get their band of choice on the radio.

Kidderminster College music students will also be taking to the KC Facebook LIVE at 7pm, showcasing their current work and material.

The college has said it's a great opportunity to highlight the "plight of the Creative Industries" and how purchasing merchandise such as t-shirts or other apparel helps musicians.

As part of the event, and to celebrate 50 years of Led Zeppelin, MAS Lab patron, Robert Plant, donated an Official Led Zeppelin prototype t-shirt for eBay auction, with all the proceeds going to the British Red Cross.

MAS Lab was set up in 2019 and is focused around performance-based projects joining social concern with creative action.

Kev Gammond, curator of MAS Lab said: "The collaboration of art and music will forever help make changes in the world. Without the creative industries, there is no activism, no voice, no joy."