SHOCKING footage shows two men clashing during a daylight street fight armed with weapons - while onlookers just stand and film on their phones.

The pair can be seen trading blows and wrestling in Horsefair, Kidderminster while ghoulish bystanders do nothing to help as they laugh and shout encouragement.

The disturbing mobile phone footage shows one of the yobs striking the other man with an unknown weapon on a residential road.

One man can be heard shouting: "Smash him Dan, smash him. Whack him, go on" while a crowd of around 12 people including women gather around.

He then continues to shout instructions like "twist him round" and "lock him up" as the pair continue to grapple on the ground.

WARNING: This video contains graphic images

Another person seems to be supporting the other fighter and shouts "Go on Colin" as the brawl spills onto the junction of the street.

Blood can be seen pouring from the head of one of the men as a woman jumps into to remove the weapon - which appears to be a cosh - out of the way.

The disarmed man then continues the brutal attack by delivering a series of punches and heavy elbows to the face after pinning his victim to the ground.

The footage was obtained by the website Birmz Is Grime over the weekend.