THE Labour Group in Wyre Forest has announced they have rejoined the Progressive Alliance on Wyre Forest District Council.

Labour councillors Leigh Whitehouse and Sarah Rook resigned from the cross party alliance citing policy issues and differences of opinion between members last year. 

This followed a three-hour debate over a motion supporting the Black Lives Matter movement, where councillor Whitehouse called for the council to "stand fully" with the Black Lives Matter global movement.

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Announcing the decision to rejoin the alliance, councillor Whitehouse, Labour Group Leader, said: “I am delighted we are coming back together, with the core aim and focus of putting the hard working people of Wyre Forest first, before party politics and to ensure that residents views are properly represented.

"Being part of this administration will enable Labour Councillors to influence and bring about the positive change we want to see, the change local residents tell us they want when talking with them on the doorstep.

"Labour locally aren’t in this for our own gain, we are in it to improve the lives of the people we work for.

"This Labour Group wants to see Safer, Cleaner and Greener communities, where residents are at the heart of everything we do- after careful consideration and in-depth discussions with the Progressive Alliance I firmly believe we can deliver this collectively”.

Councillor Helen Dyke, Leader of the Progressive Alliance that forms the administration of Wyre Forest District Council said: "We welcome the Labour Group back to the Progressive Alliance and feel that this is an exciting opportunity to work together in a positive way for the benefit of all residents of Wyre Forest.”

This follows the Franche & Habberley North by-election, which saw the Conservatives gain a seat on the council.