KIDDERMINSTER-based Young Gloves Karate is now hosting a class designed for people with disabilities.

Chief instructor Justin Thomas 5th dan has team up with Stourport's Leapgate Activity Centre to offer specially designed and structured lessons to their members.

The Leapgate centre in Wilden is a charity which supports disabled people, providing a place of learning and work experience activities.

They offer a wide range of activities including animal care, catering, crafts, horticulture, woodworking and now karate.

Young Gloves initially helped the centre by donating £4,500 to provide an outside gym area within the grounds where members can exercise each day.

This was raised by the children of the club in various activities such as Inter-club competitions, BBQs, raffles and donations.

Kidderminster Shuttle: The outdoor gym at Leapgate Activity CentreThe outdoor gym at Leapgate Activity Centre

Justin Thomas said: "Offering our very own class where anyone can feel comfortable attending regardless of any physical or mental issues is very important to me.

"We have always seen ourselves as a diverse inclusive club, teaching many students past and present, promoting sport for all and showing the value of everyone in our society.

"Not only do we teach a martial art, we also teach consideration to others and regularly support other charities and host events such as Blind Karate, and visiting children in the brain tumour department in Birmingham's children hospital."

Kidderminster Shuttle: Justin Thomas (left) at Leapgate Activity Centre Justin Thomas (left) at Leapgate Activity Centre

"I see this as being a huge step forward in helping to achieve inclusion in sport and my aim is to promote this further, not only within Young Gloves, but to other organisations to show that there should be no barriers within sport.

"Everyone needs to be offered the benefits of health and fitness, I couldn't be prouder of what the club is offering alongside Leapgate for their members, and seeing all the smiles and enjoyment on their faces makes it all worthwhile."