A RECKLESS driver was caught doing 55mph on a 30mph road in "horrendous" conditions.

The driver was caught on Franche Road yesterday (Tuesday December 7) as police carried out a speed check.

Kidderminster Police tweeted: "Speed enforcement Franche Road Kidderminster, two drivers reported for excess speed, one of which was caught at 55mph!"

The news prompted a shocked response from Wyre Forest Police Inspector David King who put out a warning to drivers to watch their speeds in the wet and windy conditions caused by Storm Barra.

He tweeted: "With one of my Kidderminster teams when this happened.

"Had to check twice...! Yes it was 55mph in a 30mph zone.

"It's 30 for a reason and the conditions were horrendous.

"Give yourself extra time for journeys so you're not running late and more importantly, watch your speed."