The stretch of the M5 in Worcestershire where the most drivers are caught speeding has been revealed.

In 2020, more speeding offences took place on the northbound section between junction 6 for Worcester and junction 5 for Droitwich than any other in the county.

Some 3,200 fines were issued to motorists breaking the 70mph speed limit on the stretch, according to figures released by West Mercia Police in response to a Freedom of Information request.

The southbound section of the motorway between junction 4a for the M42 and junction 5 for Droitwich is second on the list, with 1,988 speeding offences detected in 2020.

Third is the southbound stretch from junction 5 to junction 6, with 1,264 offences. Rounding off the top five are junctions 5-4a northbound with 1,014 and junctions 7-8 southbound with 86.

In 2019, the Worcestershire section of the M5 where the most speeding offences took place was between junctions 4 and 3 northbound. 6,948 drivers were caught heading north between Bromsgrove and Halesowen.

The figures include offences spotted via cameras and tickets issued by officers.


M5 6-5 Northbound 3,200

M5 4a-5 Southbound 1,988

M5 5-6 Southbound 1,264

M5 5-4a Northbound 1,014

M5 7-8 Southbound 86


M5 4-3 Northbound 6,948

M5 5-6 Southbound 5,002

M5 5-4a Northbound 1,932

M5 4a-5 Southbound 1,029

M5 6-5 Northbound 316

Data released earlier this year by the Department for Transport show the percentage of drivers exceeding the speed limit increased almost immediately after the first lockdown came into effect in March 2020, as drivers took advantage of quieter roads.

Figures show that 53% of cars and 58% of motorbikes exceeded the speed limit on motorways in 2020. Only 13% of cars broke the limit by more than 10%.

Last month, an operation by West Mercia Police focussed on other driving offences taking place on the M5. Officers used a plain white HGV tractor unit to give them an elevated position on the motorway.

Over the course of a week, 77 offences were detected including drivers using their phones, not wearing seatbelts and driving without due care.