SINCE December 1, 148 motorists have been arrested for drink or drug driving across West Mercia.

In the last week, 13 of those arrests have been made as a result of collisions on the roads.

West Mercia Police is warning drivers there is no fool proof way to calculate how much a person can drink and remain under the limit.

Figures show over the past three years 43 people have died and 215 have been seriously injured in West Mercia following collisions where drink or drugs were recorded as a contributory factor.

Superintendent Gareth Morgan from West Mercia Police said: "It’s extremely frustrating that some motorists still selfishly choose to drive under the influence of drink or drugs in the knowledge that their actions could kill or seriously injure themselves or others, despite the amount of warnings we have given.

"Drink or drug driving is completely unacceptable at any time and catching motorists who are prepared to take such a risk is a priority for us.

"Patrols will be conducted over Christmas and New Year in a bid to tackle those who commit the unacceptable act of drink or drug driving.”