A STOURPORT woman says she is being plagued by a mysterious humming sound - and she wants to get to the bottom of it.

The resident, who did not wish to be named, has been experiencing the low hum for years, which she says sounds like an engine idling.

She says it has been a traumatising experience and believes it could be related to the global phenomenon called The Hum.

She said: "Approximately two years ago I started to hear a low frequency humming noise, a low vibration.

"It was always worse indoors and I assumed it was something in or nearby to my building.

"I live near town, so put it down to town life. It was noticeable, but tolerable for about two years, then back in mid December, it intensified immensely and I started to not only hear this noise, but I could physically feel it.

"As with everyone who suffers, my journey began like this: I checked my property for the source of the noise and investigated floors below. I ruled so much out. One morning in December last year I awoke at 4am by the noise and the vibration. My whole body was vibrating, from toes to teeth.

"I got dressed, feeling absolutely traumatised, and went wandering outside to investigate the possible source of this torment. I couldn't pin point it to anything.

"I certainly couldn't sleep so I stayed up and used the internet to try and find some information.

"I used a search engine for keywords such as "Stourport on Severn" and "humming noise" and instantly it returned numerous results of hits from people posting to a local Facebook page called "we love Stourport on Severn" about how an annoying humming vibrating noise is plaguing their lives on a daily basis, and this has been going on for many years.

"Often times, nearby industrial zones, or factories have been blamed for the source, but in some cases, complaints were made, and these places took measures to reduce noise pollution, with the locals still hearing the noise despite this.

"Also I read about where one factory or building thought to be the suspect actually closed down at one point, yet residents still suffered on regardless. Gas pipe systems are often blamed, as are wind farms."

One of the most famous Hums is in Bristol. It was first reported during the 1970s, is known to have affected hundreds of people.

Other well-known Hums have been documented in Taos, New Mexico, and at Bondi in Sydney, Australia.

The Stourport resident added: "It can be described and likened to: a truck engine idling outside when there's nothing there.

"Like machinery working deep underground, like a microwave pulsing low vibrating hum, it can be blocked out with white noise, or "pink noise" which, incidentally; is becoming more and more popular now, but it cannot ever be deflected completely due to you being able to feel it physically."

She is urging others to sign a petition to parliament calling on the government to investigate reports of unidentified low frequency noises. The petition on the government's website can be viewed here.