MEN dealing with mental health issues in Stourport have been able to share their experiences with others in a new walking group.

Army veterans, people who have lost loved ones, and those who are feeling lonely, have found comfort in the new Men Walking and Talking group.

The weekly meet in the town is organised by 38-year-old bathroom fitter Dean Stobbart.

Mr Stobbart himself has faced mental health issues in his life and says the group is about “average guys coming together and being able to talk.”

The group walks along the river, by the basin and canal, and through the memorial park, starting at the Civic from 7pm on Fridays.

On the first Stourport walk, only one person turned up. But the group has now seen up to 18 men join.

Mr Stobbart said walkers have been listening ears to each other and some have already made friends for life.

Mr Stobbart said: "It's a no pressure environment, where we venture off for an hour's walk. Some lads share their stories and some lads just like to listen and that's absolutely fine.

"There's a stigma around men not opening up and talking, well in this group were all in it together, just hearing somebody else is dealing with a similar situation really can help change a mindset.

"It’s warming knowing that we are making such a difference.

"To see people turning up anxious and at the end of the walk they are smiling – that’s what it’s all about.”

Mr Stobbart also says that a similar walking group to serve the Kidderminster area is in the process of being set up.

Those interested in taking part in the weekly walks can join the ‘Men Walking and Talking’ group on Facebook for more information.

Mr Stobbart added: "We have a great group of chaps turn up, it's very easy going and I'd love to get to see more faces turn up."