WEST Mercia Police have issued an apology to a YouTuber who was arrested after he filmed outside Kidderminster Police Station.

The man, who is known by his alias AB, claims he was 'locked up for five hours' after he was detained under the Terrorism Act.

He filmed the arrest and posted it on his Youtube channel Auditing Britain. He says the aim of the channel is to "educate and entertain by expressing the right to film matters of public interest."

In the video, officers said they were detaining him under the Terrorism Act, but failed to say under which section.

DC Bills, based at the station, said in the video: “You’ve got two options, give us your details, or you get arrested.”

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AB said he believes the section of the Terrorism Act they are referring to is section 43.

He said: “Section 43 of the Terrorism Act does not require me to give you my name and address."

AB was then handcuffed by officers, taken to the police station, and the filming was stopped.

After reviewing the footage, West Mercia Police have now acknowledged that they "got it wrong."

In a video message, superintendent Rebecca Love, head of the professional standards department, apologised on behalf of the force.

She said: “We are aware of a video circulating that was filmed on Tuesday the 11th of January at Kidderminster Police Station where our officers spoke to and detained a male.

“Whilst our officers deal with hundreds of interactions with members of the public on daily basis, and do so professionally and fairly, we recognise on this occasion we got it wrong.

“Having reviewed the footage we understand this situation could have been handled better and we are genuinely sorry for this.

“We wish to issue an apology to the individual involved.”

Later in his video, AB said: “I couldn’t believe it. I did not expect that at all, definitely not from West Mercia Police.

“Especially after I made the civil claim against them and I actually won.”

He previously received a £1,500 pay out from police to settle a complaint after he was detained and searched by officers after filming Redditch Police Station in September 2020.