The Royal Mint has launched a new Britannia coin to celebrate International Women's Day.

The coin, released on Tuesday, March 8, features three figures of Britannia on one design in celebration of all ages of women as equal.

Britannia is one of Britain’s oldest and most enduring feminine icons and will be depicted on the collectable UK coin.

The new design is inspired by Gustav Klimt’s classic 1905 painting ‘The Three ages of Woman’ and features Britannia moving from girlhood to maturity.

Kidderminster Shuttle: The Royal Mint has issued a new Britannia coin on International Women’s Day (The Royal Mint)The Royal Mint has issued a new Britannia coin on International Women’s Day (The Royal Mint)

It is the first time that Britannia has appeared three times on one UK coin, and champions women of all ages as equal.

The design was created by Italian artist and sculptor, Sandra Deiana and updates a classic theme for modern collectors.

Ms Deiana said: “I particularly love the Britannia theme – it is the most difficult concept I have faced so far and I will always remain connected to it. No one had harmonised three female representations together.

"I had to find a way to represent the Britannia icon in three different eras, through the three ages of woman.”

Britannia first appeared on UK coins around 2,000 years ago under the rule of Emperor Hadrian.

The Romans depicted Britannia as a strong female – a symbol that has endured and continues to grace the nation’s coins today on the circulating £2 and commemorative designs.

Claire Maclennan, Director of Commemorative Coin at The Royal said: “Britannia has graced Britain’s coins since Roman times, and is one of the most enduring female icons of our nation.

"On International Women’s Day we are delighted to unveil an original new design which champions women of all ages as equal.

"This beautiful new design reflects The Royal Mint’s own commitment to diversity and equality, ensuring women can prosper in all areas of our business and see themselves on the nation’s coins.”

Collectors can purchase The Royal Mint’s 2022 Britannia in gold Proof, silver Proof and silver Brilliant Uncirculated editions from The Royal Mint.

All coins from The Royal Mint can be viewed on the website here