A 'PROUD' ex-serviceman from Kidderminster has returned home from a warzone after fighting Russian troops alongside Ukrainians. 

The former British serviceman, who wishes to remain anonymous, has spoken of his terrifying experience during the Battle of Antonov Airport. 

The former soldier, one of the first British fighters in Ukraine as war broke out, says he was also beaten during hostile interrogations.

He told The Sun said: “The Ukrainians fought like lions and I’m proud I was alongside them."

He joined Ukrainian soldiers as they fought to defend Antonov Airport in one of the first skirmishes. 

"Anyone who goes into that position that isn’t scared is a liar," he said.

“When we arrived it was very quiet. But all of a sudden the gates of hell opened up on us.

“We got very close to getting whacked. I’ve never experienced firepower like that, I don’t think anyone of this generation ever has."

The ex-soldier who has also spent seven years working as a private military contractor. He has described Putin's war as "terrorism" and said he wanted to join the fight to "do some good."

He said that he and an American soldier were arrested by Ukraine agents looking for Russian spies - and were interrogated for three hours. 

He added: “My head was slammed down by one of the guards.

"They kept shouting Russian at me but obviously I said I was English. They whacked me around eight or nine times. I had quite a bad concussion and was bleeding heavily."

He said one "really scary moment" was when guards looked through his phone.

“I wasn’t scared of dying but I was scared about putting my family and friends through the pain of knowing I was in that situation," he said. 

He was eventually released and fled to Poland before flying back to the UK in early March.